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Salary Negotiation Resources and Strategies

Updated: Aug 18

Mindset Shifts

  • ​It is not about your worth; it's about what the results are worth (learn more).

​Industry Leaders Worth Following

  • Cynthia Pong: Career coach for women of color, often talks about negotiation. Creator of Embrace Change. Follow her on: Instagram, LinkedIn

  • Stephanie Yu: The Unicorn Recruiter. Frequently posts jobseeker tips on LinkedIn and has a YouTube channel. Ideal for women in tech. LinkedIn, YouTube

  • Wonsulting: They work with "underdogs." Their style is working smarter not harder. They often talk about how to land a job by leveraging networking through LinkedIn rather than submitting a job application. Ideal for those who want to work at corporate companies. LinkedIn company page, Tik-Tok @wonsulting


​🎥 How to respond to a take it or leave it situation by Shadé Zahrai (Susan's take). ​🎥 Key Money Conversations in Your Career playlist by Self-Made Millennial aka Madeline Mann (Susan's take). ​🎥 How to ask for a raise according to a CEO (Susan's take).

​Tools & Services

  • 81cents: counter-offer negotiation service

  • Susan's note: "I have never used it but someone highly recommended it. If you hire them, please share your experience with me by messaging me or emailing me at susan@heymslee.com"

​Susan's Research

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