• Ms. Lee

How to Invest in Healthy Skin Without Breaking the Bank

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

The slogan and principle behind Krave Beauty

I still remember the day when I really looked at my face and feeling stunned.

I had heavy red bags under my eyes, acne scars around my nose, and my skin wasn't just dry, it was dehydrated. How didn't I notice this before? First, when you're in your twenties, you take your young skin for granted. Second, I don't really look at myself in the mirror that much. I wasn't that woman who carefully checked her face in the mirror, straightened her outfit, and fluffed her hair before walking out the door.

Instinctively, I grabbed my phone and started scrolling through Sephora, looking for the best foundation and concealer money could buy. Feeling overwhelmed by the numerous options and really not knowing what I was doing, I asked myself, "Am I doing what I was told or what is right for me?"

The cost of covering up my skin imperfections was about the same as the cost of investing in skincare. I wasn't the type of person who wore makeup every day anyway, so why start now?

Left is 2017, Right is 2020

I know that the lighting of the photo on the left is much dimmer than the right. There were no filters used in these photos. Today, there are still bags under my eyes but they are not as red and pronounced. I used to have a sickly yellow hue, but now my skin is brighter. My dark spots have also faded thanks to sunscreen and hat protection! Keep in mind that these photos were taken three years apart. Key take away: it takes time and experimentation to see results - patience and consistency are key!

At first, all I knew about skincare was that it was important to cleanse and moisturize. There was a lot I needed to learn. After watching hours of YouTube videos and experimenting with hundreds of dollars worth of products, here are my top two recommendations to start investing in healthy skin routine:

👑 Top Choice for Skincare Tutorials: Beauty Within ♀️🛍️

👑 Top Choice for Skincare Brands: Krave Beauty ♀️🛍️
  • Cost: $$

  • Find them at Krave Beauty

  • Review: This indie skincare brand is all about only feeding what you skin ‘kraves’ with a #pressreset attitude. They only have 5 products (so far!) which are very thoughtfully developed with a simple and sustainable mindset. Their founder, Liah Yoo, also has a YouTube channel where she educates her audience on the science behind skincare. Did I mention that she has a great sense of humor? Almost all of her products’ names are puns. I recommend the Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser and The Beet Shield. I bought multiples so I never run out.

I love the fact that both of these picks are women, minority-owned small businesses. They all started on YouTube and slowly built a loyal following (we're talking millions of subscribers). I trust them because they are honest and realistic. When they recommend a product or share skincare information, I trust them and click 'add to cart' without hesitation. You could say that I'm a total superfan.


Remember, there is no such thing as perfect skin. It takes time and consistency to get results. As you age, your body and skin changes, so focus on the process and not just the results. Don't be fooled by the celebrities who claim that using certain products gives them that perfect glow. They have access to skincare treatments and products that are worth thousands of dollars. It took me at least two years to find the skincare routine that works for my skin. It took another year of facials by an expert esthetician to get it to where it is now, but I still break out and experience skin issues because I'm human. The only difference between 2020 me and 2017 me is that the latter knows how to care for my skin in a healthy and sustainable way.

Have you ever watched a Beauty Within video or tried a Krave Beauty product? What's your biggest skincare question? Share your thoughts by commenting below!