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3 simple tips to stand out on LinkedIn

Over the past seven years on LinkedIn, I have:

  • received over fifty job interview requests.

  • pivoted into a new industry while continuing to advance my career and my net worth.

  • helped dozens of professionals land new jobs without submitting a job application.

This taught me a lot about what works on LinkedIn, and what doesn’t.

These are my three simple tips for standing out on LinkedIn:

1. Be of service.

Your profile is not about you. Your profile is about how you can serve others.

Example: ​ ❌ “I’m a project manager with five years of experience.” ✅ “Seventy-five percent of my client’s projects were completed under budget.”

2. Be clear.

Use simple language and be straightforward. Simple writing isn’t simple-minded.

Example: ​ ❌ “Renegade recruiter.” ✅ “I specialize in finding talent for start-up financial tech companies.” ​

3. Be obvious.

Resist the urge to put too much stuff out there. More isn’t better, more is confusing.

Example: ​ ❌ Project leader | Curriculum writer | Transitioning teacher | Passionate about education ✅ Project leader for non-profit organizations with a student-centered mission.

Your LinkedIn profile isn't a one and done. Treat it like an experiment; keep what works and tweak what doesn't.

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