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Asian-American Women Roundtable (1)

A space to meet and discuss the unique experiences of being a modern-day Asian-American woman.
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Asian-American Women Roundtable (1)

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About the Event

I couldn't hold it in anymore. The words poured out of me and before I knew it, I published an article called Stop Asking Me Where I'm From. Most people were supportive and several Asian-American women also shared their stories with me. But there were the few who didn't get it: 

  • "What's wrong with being curious?"
  • "I'm a person of a color and I don't think it's a big deal." [they were not Asian-American]

And I felt lonely again.

As Asian-American women, we were taught by our parents to be quiet, obedient, and to be grateful for what we had. Society backed them up with racist stereotypes and misogynistic standards. Being raised in an immigrant household with Korean parents, but interacting in an American society left me to wonder "Where do I belong?"

Over the last few years, I learned that my identity can't be summed up into a few words, despite what society expects. I decided that instead of being rewarded for being a "good girl," I decided that I want to heal and break the inter-generational trauma. 

But I can't do it alone.

If you want to stop struggling in silence and start healing too, then please fill out the registration form and we will keep you informed of when our first roundtable will take place.

You are what your bloodline has been waiting for.